Cloud deployment


Cloud deployments have following advantages:

  • High hardware, data centre and network reliability
  • Fast scale-out and scale-up:
    • For example there are is no lead-time and no rack-space, power and cooling limits typical of on-premises deployment
    • Its possible to access the largest machines with no lead time (e.g., 16TB RAM, 128 (hyper-)thread / 64 core CPUs )
  • Fast scale-down: short-term projects consume resources in proportion to their duration
  • Maintained, scalable cloud-native services:
    • Databases
    • File and object storage
    • Task distribution

Cloud deployment however comes with some investment in learning, potential for higher operational expenditure and some risk of vendor-lockin.

We are able to provide advice and license specific software components to make it faster and cheaper to deploy analytics services into cloud and cloud-like environments. We have experience with Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

Our experience

We have experience in following areas:

  • Integration of QuantLib analytics with Azure Synapse Analytics and AWS EMR. This enables scalable, low-maintenance, stable and data-driven analytics suitable for enterprise deployment.

  • Deployment and optimisation of Python Jupyter notebooks and integration with cloud-native service

  • Deployment and integration of QuantLib Java-based bindings with cloud-native services

  • Integration of QuantLib with AWS Lambda functions for fastest scale-out and scale-down

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