Integration of Python with Microsoft Excel

We have substantial experience and technology integrating the Python language and interpreter with the Microsoft Excel application. We can offer complete applications based on this technology or consulting services helping you develop the application and environment you need quickly and efficiently. We also have an open-source fully functional demonstrator available at ExPy.


Integration of Python into Excel opens a new and efficient way of developing new applications and functionality for Excel with some distinct advantages:

  1. Python code can be easily developed and tested outside the Excel platform, enabling better quality control and revision management
  2. There is a large number of high-quality libraries available for Python
  3. The same underlying Python code can be used from within Excel as well as for web-based (e.g., via twisted) or GUI applications
  4. Python is a standardised, platform and vendor neutral, language with free licensing that suitable for commercial, in-house, or open-source development

Our Technology

Our technology is based on the standard CPython implementation ( and the Excel "C"-language API (i.e., Excel ''.xll'' files). Some of the advantages of this approach are:

  1. Full compatibility with Python libraries, including those with compiled code (e.g., ''numpy'', ''scipy'') and maximum cross-platform compatibility
  2. Easy installation, just unpack and add the XLL file to Excel as an Add-In
  3. Python functions can be used as functions in Excel formulae, and new functions can be defined during run time and be immediately available in Excel
  4. Advanced build chain allowing efficient automated builds on the Linux platform

See our open-source demonstrator ExPy